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Our Beers

We make German beer. (Mostly). But even when we don’t, we make beer the German brewers’ way - everything is important! We brew with the finest ingredients, ample time and time-honored skills. We want our beers to be delicious, drinkable and true to style. We don’t believe beer wants to be complicated. It’s a simple drink at heart. We are simply makers of beer. Brewing it right.



Take the finest very pale barley malt, add a shovel or two of wheat malt for smoothness, leave all the bittering to some of the most delicate aroma hops from Bavaria and you get a beer that dances on your tongue like Champagne, yet satisfies with the robust, intricate mouthfeel of a Pilsner. This is Kölsch, named after the German name for the Queen of the Rhine, Cologne. Greatness doesn't just happen overnight. Local brewers have been refining the recipe verifiably since 1396. Today it is one of only two commercially produced so-called hybrid styles, combining the rapid fermentation of ales with the subtle hop aroma and clean palate of a lager. To this day Kölsch enjoys protection in Germany and Europe and can only be brewed by a select guild of local Breweries called the Kölner Brauerbund.

Two Coast Brewing's Kölsch is as close to the original cult beer as anyone can get without crossing the Atlantic. Try one (or two - it's light) and taste for yourself why we're so proud of our 620 year old baby!



When roaming brewmaster Josef Groll in 1842 brought his vaunted Bavarian lager-brewing techniques and recipes to the Czech town of Pilsen he encountered a local brewery facing ruin as enraged customers smashed barrels of ale in the town square demanding better beer. And that he delivered! So convincingly that his creation inspired his Bavarian counterparts to call their versions of Groll's hit Pilsner as well. Today Pilsner is the most popular style in the world. In many places, Germany included, Pilsner is virtually synonymous with beer. Two Coast's Pilsner pays homage to the great Bavarian with a recipe that lets three noble hops from Germany's verdant South play off six hand selected malts from our grain gurus at Weyermann in Bamberg. We even resurrected the malt variety Barke, renowned for its flavor and brewing properties but long shunned by farmers for its miserable contribution to their bottom line. The result is a polished, complex, dry and clean finishing beer that balances a pleasant bitter, fine hop aromas and robust malt flavors. 

Hefeweizen blue background.jpg


Take a glorious blue-and-white Bavarian afternoon among the lively crowds in a local beergarden. White puffs dot the sky, a breeze rustles the ancient chestnut-trees and maples and carries the aroma of "Brez'n, Hax'n, Radi und Hendl am Spiess" (pretzel, hamhocks, white radish and rotisserie chicken) across the long wooden benches.

Now imagine the one beer that brings all this goodness together like no other - Hefeweizen, the aromatic icon from Germany's leisure loving South. Nothings pours summer into a tall glass like this unfiltered, slightly sweet, thirst quenching and lively wheat beer.

German Hefeweizen is required to be made from at least 50% wheat malt, infusing the beer with flavors and aromas of freshly harvested grains. The rest being, of course, barley malts. In our case: Pale Pilsner, Vienna and caramel malt. But no matter the malt proportions, what makes a Hefeweizen special is the yeast, that sparks incredible aromas of banana, cloves, citrusy fruit, spices or vanilla in the fermenter. Some yeast is allowed to remain in the finished beer. A shovel of Tettnanger hops round out a surprisingly dry beer with a robust body and complex, unforgettable aromas that call to mind sun baked wheat fields and picnics. This is summer beer in its most natural, unfiltered, unvarnished state.

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Altbier has been made in Düsseldorf for many centuries. In fact, the locals liked it so much, they stuck with the "old" style of ale-brewing even though much more modern techniques of the lager variety were available. Hence the name - Altbier means "old beer" in German. Brewed like an ale, but delivers like the finest lager. At the heart is very fine German Pilsner Malt, some rich nutty Munich malt and spicy Carared, a roasted malt that adds body and those sweet caramel notes.

While most brewers would just add burnt sugar to get to the required darkness, we use a deeply toasted specialty malt that adds notes of cookies cooling on a rack and - other than sugar - conforms with Two Coast Brewing's guiding principle of beer making - the German purity law. To balance all that subtle sweetness, Altbier needs a good bitter and only the best will do. Two varieties of Bavarian noble hops do all the bittering, and the same strain of yeast used by Düsseldorf's master brewers brings our version of this German classic together.

Düsseldorf takes pride in its blue collar, hardscrabble heritage, all the new shiny towers of power notwithstanding. Robust and hearty Altbier is ingrained in the local psyche, Altbier is THEIR beer. Now it's yours. Brewed with respect to all its history, yet as fresh as only a California beer can be.