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Drink Different.

Beer should not be artistic torture. Beer to Germans like us is joy, relief, reward, refreshment. Ever since Bavarian monks in Weihenstephan near Munich came up with the rudimentary technology, beer has been brewed in a more or less modern way for almost a thousand years. And for the most part the goal has been to quench thirsts, please palates in interesting ways and unite people of all stripes and colors like no other beverage. 

This is the beer we, at Two Coast Brewing, are after: non-judgmental, crowd pleasing, bursting with flavor and natural goodness - German beer at its best. We want it to be the best reflection of its roots. But more importantly: We want our beer to invite you to have another. 

This is where Two Coast Brewing Co. stands. We brew the most interesting German beer styles our way - with passion and knowledge and due respect for a thousand year old craft. We don't try to reinvent beer with peanut butter and banana juice. It doesn't need reinvention, it needs revelation. Beer is already perfect and we don't want to get in the way. So we teach the finest German malts and hops a little American and improve on iconic beers from across the Atlantic in one significant way - we make them fresh right here in California. Our past becomes your Right Now.


Jan + Roger