Chill out

A cooler… what could be less interesting than a gigantic refrigerator. Big, white, hulking.  Vibrating ever so slightly and emanating a dull hum. Booooring. And yet, probably the most important piece of equipment to ensure that our beers get to you fresh, crisp and in top notch condition. Beer is perishable food and it punishes you for the slightest negligence or mistreatment. It hates the oxygen in the air, light shining on the bottles and oh my does it hate warmth. A couple weeks at California temps  and it starts going stale. Kept around 35F / 2°C however, and  it will stay in good shape and still puts smiles on your face after months.  And all of sudden that boring cooler takes on a glorious sheen as the end-point of our all-cold supply chain from packing hall to warehouse.


Jan Dreier